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Due to COVID-19, 2021 workshops will be offered online. Unless otherwise noted.

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Photo credit: Jean Detjen. Taken at Foxley’s Gallery LTD in Appleton, Wisconsin. 2018.


Business of Art Online Workshops

Professional Practices for Artists: Business of Art. Facilitated by Frank Juarez

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Description: Sustainability and success in today’s art market is measured and dependent upon two active practices; an active studio and an effective promotional plan. As much as we love to create, we need to think about how we can engage in the business side of art in order to move our career forward. 

In this 2-day online workshop, participants will be introduced to strategies designed to ease the approach on self-promotion, ways to navigate the digital marketplace, develop an understanding about pricing work, and how to design your very own strategic plan. All workshops come with a workbook (PDF).




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About the Frank Juarez’s Professional Practices for Artists Workshops

There’s a growing need to expose, educate, and engage artists into making our passion and talent sustainable. The reality is that artists and creative entrepreneurs need to be equipped with the necessary skills to move their careers forward, evaluate progress, establish objectives, and to determine the best possible route to achieve career goals. This online workshop is designed to guide you on the right path to success.

Professional Practices for Artists: Business of Art is a 6-week online workshop, which covers self-promotion, effective use of social media strategies, understanding the art(its) market, strategic planning, and balancing studio time with business of art practices, all aimed to assist emerging and established artists in creating a pathway to success. This workshop encourages discussion, critiques, one-to-one guidance, research, collaborative learning, and reflections on our own practices.

Professional Practices for Artists: An Essential Guide to Impacting your Art Career is now available.

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In this essential guide, Frank Juarez, shares six important areas that guide an artist into a path of success.  Each section illustrates examples of how they play a role inside and outside of the studio. With over a decade of experience in business, arts management, education, and facilitating professional practices for artists: business of art training workshops throughout Wisconsin, he writes this guide with you in mind.

This perfect bound publication covers the following areas: Six Key Points to Effective Self-Promotion, The Importance of a Studio Visit, Understanding Your Art Market, Strategic Planning, Living in the Digital Age, and Assessment.

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Cover and book design by Erika L. Block

Cover Pattern Illustration Copyright © 2018 by Sally Carson

Author Photograph by Lois Bielefeld

Please note: this is a revised copy of the 2018 essential guide. 

Leave inspired, refreshed, and more knowledgeable about the “business of art” and learn how to make the most of your studio practice and art business.

Topics covered

  • 6 Key Strategies to Effective Self-Promotion
  • The Importance of a Studio Visit
  • Understanding Your Art(ist) Market
  • Strategic Planning
  • Living in the Digital Age
  • Assessment for Artists


“I am thankful that I decided to attend Frank’s workshop on the biz of art. Frank’s presentation made my thought process around selling my art change dramatically. I always felt stuck, who was my audience? The information in the presentation was very clear and helpful for my art practice. Frank is always available for questions after the workshop and truly cares about the experience of each attendee”.  – Katie Ryan, artist

“Frank Juarez’s workshop “Professional Practices for Artists” is a valuable resource for artists that are looking to evolve their art career. As an artist in the early stages of my career, I knew I wanted to expand my art sales opportunities. But, I was unsure of how to do this. Frank’s enjoyable workshop helped me to focus on ways to achieve this goal. After taking the workshop, I was able to start implementing some important steps in developing my art career. The workshop also provided a great chance to meet other artists and learn about how they create and promote their work. Many thanks to Frank for sharing his wealth of knowledge on the business of art!” – Beth Kazda, artist

“You went beyond the basics by giving us individual attention while offering gentle assessments and constructive suggestions to works in progress. You made yourself readily available between classroom instruction with prompt, dependable assistance when I needed help with my blog. More importantly you inspired us to view our art in a new light; to focus on the meaning of our mediums and why we create. I learned firsthand why you are a great teacher.” – Della Nohl, artist

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