Professional development for artists workshop at Silver Lake College

I’m looking forward to presenting to the Lakeshore Artist Guild at Silver Lake College. I will be presenting on Six Key Points to Effective Self-Promotion

There is a growing need to expose, educate, and engage artists into making their passion and talent sustainable. The reality is that self-employed artists and creative entrepreneurs need to be equipped with the necessary skills to move their careers forward, evaluate progress, establish objectives, and to determine the best possible route to achieve career goals. 



About the Lakeshore Artist Guild

The Lakeshore Artists Guild is a group of 21 artists who work together to advance the appreciation and dissemination of fine art in all of its forms by promoting art and fine craftsmanship, maintaining standards of excellence and creating a vibrant artists community in the Manitowoc County area. 

The group is supported and maintained by voting Artist Members to promote excellence in the visual arts.  We intend that our members reflect high standards of professionalism, serious commitment, technical mastery, and creativity.  The Guild connects area artists to one another and promotes mutual support.  We collaborate collectively and within the community through exhibitions, professional opportunities and by opening channels of communication with the business, cultural and educational organizations of Eastern Wisconsin.

To learn about LAG, visit: 

About the Professional Practices for Artists: The Business of Art Workshops

Professional Practices for Artists is a day-long program covering guidance in self-promotion, effective use of social media strategies, understanding the art market, strategic planning, and balancing studio time with business of art practices, all aimed to assist emerging and established artists in creating a pathway to success. The workshop encourages discussion, critiques, one-to-one conferences, research, learning together, and reflections on our own practices.

Topics can also be broken into individual workshops ranging from 2 to 3 hours. 


  • 6 Key Points to Effective Self-Promotion
  • The Importance of a Studio Visit
  • Understanding Your Art Market
  • Strategic Planning
  • Living in the Digital Age
  • Assessment


  • apply varied strategies to achieve actual personal and professional goals
  • understand success is defined by accountability
  • develop and maintain a professional and strategic plan
  • create a support system
  • embrace social media
  • develop an audience
  • educate others about your studio practice


About Frank Juarez

Frank brings over a decade of art education and arts management experience organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through grant programs, and professional development workshops. This has placed him in the forefront of promoting Wisconsin artists, networking, and attracting regional, national, and international artists to collaborate and exhibit in Wisconsin.



3 thoughts on “Professional development for artists workshop at Silver Lake College

  1. Having taken this Six Key Points to Effective Self-Promotion workshop in Milwaukee, I thought it was so helpful to understanding how to “work smart” in today’s art market. Frank Juarez’s thorough framework is terrific. I highly recommend this workshop! Take it! You’ll thank yourself!

  2. Hello.

    This presentation is taking place this Sunday, 4/28 at Silver Lake College. You’ll have to contact the Lakeshore Artists Guild to see if it is open to the public.

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