Past Clients

About Green Lake Renewal

Green Lake Renewal is a 501(c)3 community revitalization organization that operates a number of community projects, including the Town Square Community Center, Green Lake Fitness 24/7 and the Green Lake Kitchens culinary business incubator.



About Wisconsin Designer Craft Council (WDCC)

The Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council was established in 1916 and is the second oldest Fine Crafts Organization in the country, which speaks to its success. Check out our Historical Journey from inception to the present day. WDCC recognizes a responsibility to influence and provide support to multiple communities.



About Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA)

The Coalition of Photographic Arts was founded in 2004 by a group of Milwaukee area photographers passionate about sharing their skills, experience and enthusiasm for the medium. Working with students, beginners, other professional photographers, ardent amateurs and artists, our founders explored fine art photography from an aesthetic, technical and developmental perspective, which remains the foundation of CoPA’s mission.

Today, the fine arts photography organization carries on our founders’ vision of promoting photographic excellence through educational programs, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, field trips and Milwaukee photography exhibitions. CoPA forges relationships within the photographic community and the arts community as a whole through monthly meetings, portfolio reviews, museum and gallery tours, juried member exhibitions, sponsored events and much more.

CoPA is directed by a member-elected board focused on developing member experiences that will give photographers at any level the tools they need to advance to the next level and to remain curious, invested and exhilarated about photography and its possibilities.

CoPA’s membership of nearly 200 includes artists, students, professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts and collectors. CoPA is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit fine arts photography organization.


About the Art Garage

The mission of the ARTgarage is to encourage an appreciation for and participation in the visual, performing and literary arts.




About the Cedarburg Artists Guild (CAG)

The Cedarburg Artists Guild is an art organization that supports artists living in Ozaukee and  Washington counties through exhibition opportunities, professional development, and social connections. 




About UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts

Art & Design at UW-Milwaukee develops creative thinkers, artist professionals, and cultural leaders through a cross-disciplinary curriculum that balances innovation, traditional craftsmanship, critical thinking, and scholarly civic engagement. Committed to Milwaukee’s diverse urban communities, our programs emphasize activism and thinking with the arts. Our faculty is comprised of active artists who promote collaborative, interdisciplinary, and entrepreneurial thinking and practice across the department, university, community, and beyond!


About St. Norbert College Art Department

Our world is visually saturated and complex. Every day we read hundreds of visual cues that help make sense of who we are, what’s going on, and where we’re headed. From the digital devices in our pockets to building-size print graphics, we process visual media at an unprecedented rate. Line, color, shape, scale, texture and other fundamental elements of art and design speak in ways that words do not. Learning to recognize and use these principles prepares our students to be visually literate, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. 

The art discipline at St. Norbert College emphasizes technical craft as well as contemporary art and design theory and practice. In the tradition of the liberal arts, our students are creative makers and doers whose studio work exists in complement to their other classes and larger experiences. 

We are one of the few liberal-arts colleges to offer distinctive sequences in both fine arts and graphic design. Graduates of these sequences earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. 


About Bay View Arts Guild (BVAG)

Bay View Arts Guild strives to integrate art into the lives of those in Bay View, Greater Milwaukee and beyond. Through a dynamic interaction between artists and the community, BVAG provides a resource for artists while increasing appreciation and support for all the arts through education, entertainment and community involvement.



About the Northern Woodland Indian Art Group

A non-profit organization created to expand the awareness and appreciation of Woodland Indian art and culture through education, events and markets. We bring Woodland Indian artists together to showcase the distinct artistic styles and cultures of tribes from eastern United States. By growing appreciation of their diversity, we help grow their economy through the sales of their art work.


About the Racine Art Museum (RAM)

The Racine Art Museum and RAM’s Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts are located in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S. The museum holds the largest and most significant contemporary craft collection in North America, with more than 9,500 objects from nationally and internationally recognized artists.



About the Plymouth Arts Center (PAC)

Plymouth Arts Center is the leading arts destination in western Sheboygan County. Located in historic downtown Plymouth, WI, our community non-profit organization is dedicated to its mission… “To enliven the spirit of our community and to enrich the lives of all, by providing diverse experiences in the arts!”


About the NWTC Artisan & Business Center

NWTC Craft Artisan Initiative is to promote the production of crafts in the NWTC District as a means of fostering the creation of new job opportunities through the entrepreneurial model.