“Frank Juarez’s workshop “Professional Practices for Artists” was exactly what I needed to grow my art biz to the next level. This class pushed me to dig deeper and finally write an artist statement I am proud of, gave me the courage to navigate gallery representation, and helped me complete my website.  Frank even helped me work on my website one-on-one via zoom when I got stuck!  The course content is so rich that even now I find myself referring back to the notes and lists from class to add more of Frank’s strategies and organizational skills to my daily practice.  Frank’s passion and dedication for helping artists grow into successful entrepreneurs goes beyond this 6 week course, and is exactly why every artist should enroll’. – Trisha Spice, artist

Frank Juarez is an incredibly motivating instructor. He inspired me to be more confident with sharing and selling my artwork. My past art school experience was heavily focused on the educational aspects of teaching art. I never learned how to market my own work or how to properly navigate the business side of the art world. As a teacher and a mom, my dedication to my own artwork eventually fell to the wayside. Frank’s energy and positive attitude about art was contagious and a true pick-me-up. His lessons helped guide me to set new goals for myself, inspired me to create, and even pushed me to develop a website that I can continue to build on in the future. Thank you Frank.” – Kari Morrison, artist

“I am thankful that I decided to attend Frank’s workshop on the biz of art. Frank’s presentation made my thought process around selling my art change dramatically. I always felt stuck, who was my audience? The information in the presentation was very clear and helpful for my art practice. Frank is always available for questions after the workshop and truly cares about the experience of each attendee”.  – Katie Ryan, artist

“Frank Juarez’s workshop “Professional Practices for Artists” is a valuable resource for artists that are looking to evolve their art career. As an artist in the early stages of my career, I knew I wanted to expand my art sales opportunities. But, I was unsure of how to do this. Frank’s enjoyable workshop helped me to focus on ways to achieve this goal. After taking the workshop, I was able to start implementing some important steps in developing my art career. The workshop also provided a great chance to meet other artists and learn about how they create and promote their work. Many thanks to Frank for sharing his wealth of knowledge on the business of art!” – Beth Kazda, artist

“I’m looking forward to being a great mentor someday as well to help young artists find their way and your workshop today was one of the most engaging business and marketing workshops that I’ve had the chance to attend. I definitely have to get my C.V and my bio fixed up, I’ve been kind of winging it for a long time here. I’m glad I have a solid proven template to work off of now so definitely Thank you very much!” – Michael Clarquist, artist

“I have immense respect and admiration for Frank Juarez!… he does more to help and uplift artists in this area than anyone else I know. We are beyond fortunate to have him as an advocate and beyond in our community and state”. – Jean Detjen, Artful Living

“I attended two of Frank Juarez’s Business of Art workshops this past fall at The ART Garage. He brings a wide range of experience to this topic as an artist, art educator, gallery owner, and art advocate at the local, state and national level. He is extremely well connected, has his finger on the pulse of the art market, and offers his knowledge freely. There is no competition or ego when it comes to working with Frank. I received sound advice for my work and website during my critique and practical information, do’s and don’ts, about being a professional, selling, artist. I highly recommend Frank Juarez’s workshops. . . he’s someone you want to get to know”. – Karen Stewart, artist & educator

“I really enjoyed the Professional Practices for Artists class yesterday. A lot of info for artists in regards to the business side of selling their artwork. It was interesting hearing it from a gallery owner’s view point. Very well presented! Interesting subject matter from marketing, pricing, website info, etc…I would highly recommend this class”. – Faye Willems, artist

“Frank Juarez is a visionary artist and strong voice in the arts community. His willingness to collaborate and lift up those around him is indicative of his background as an educator. He is always open to sharing ways to promote the arts for everyone through marketing, partnerships and networking and unfailingly supports his fellow artists. Frank is a great connection for anyone to have in the Wisconsin art scene” .- Anita Burgermeister, Bay View Arts Guild Co-Founder

“Frank Juarez provided my students with a dynamic presentation, emphasizing the importance of self-promotion, goal setting and reflection. Frank brings experience and a genuine energy that is bound to inspire these young artists to more thoughtfully plan their creative futures”.  – Leah Schreiber Johnson, Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts

“Frank Juarez’s presentation for the St. Norbert College Art Department’s ARTHUSDAY lecture series was an insightful and inspiring event.  He imparted much practical advice about building a career in the arts drawn from his own experiences as a respected arts professional in Wisconsin.  Many students in attendance have commented positively to me about the presentation.  I am sure all in attendance came away with some effective tools for for beginning a life in the arts beyond their college years here at St. Norbert”. – Brandon Bauer, Associate Professor of Art, St. Norbert College

“The Pathways to Success workshop series led by Frank Juarez was enjoyable and very beneficial as I consider my own pathway in the business of art.  I found Frank’s insights to be immediately helpful to me as I began to implement changes recommended in the workshops.  What I’ve learned will definitely enhance my life and business in the art world.  I highly recommend “Pathways to Success” for anyone who hopes to engage in the practice and business of art”. – Marty Carney, painter

“Frank’s Pathway to Success course is an excellent addition to any visual artists education to learn many of the necessary paths required to increase your visibility in the art world!  He not only guides you through the steps, but will also walk you through your  unique situation, be it a show coming up, a campaign you’re working on or if you’re just starting out and not sure where to begin, this is a great way to begin! He will make sense of all that and show you how to apply it practically. It’s definitely more than text-book stuff! It’s real life! I liked his case study where he laid out his steps to prepare for a gallery showing. Very informative.”

“Frank’s experience as an artist and gallery owner provides a treasure of resources from which he draws upon and shares with you to direct you to success if you apply it. Sign up next time he offers this course. You will be informed and ready for action!” – Curtis Newman, artist

“You went beyond the basics by giving us individual attention while offering gentle assessments and constructive suggestions to works in progress. You made yourself readily available between classroom instruction with prompt, dependable assistance when I needed help with my blog. More importantly you inspired us to view our art in a new light; to focus on the meaning of our mediums and why we create. I learned firsthand why you are a great teacher.” – Della Nohl, artist

“Frank’s Business of Art workshop was so informative and effective!  By putting his ideas into place I felt more confident about utilizing the tools at my disposal to more accurately pinpoint my target audience for my artwork, and to stay on task and stay focused on my goals.  I highly recommend this workshop to ANY artist looking to broaden their social media network of potential buyers, or those who need a jolt to stay energized in this business of ours!”  – Mel Kolstad, artist

“Being a new artist to Sheboygan I was unfamiliar with pricing for the local market. Additionally, I wasn’t quite sure what logic to employ when pricing my work. Enter Frank Juarez with his background in the local art scene and voila! it became clear what the market would bear and how to properly construct a meaningful pricing strategy.”  – Tom Ferguson, artist

“Learning how to market works of art can be a daunting task for artists. Frank Juarez’s class Six Key Points to Effective Self-Promotion provided lots of ideas for artists who want to increase their visibility. Frank created exercises to help develop connections and plan events. It helped to motivate me to take the next step.” – Lisa Lehman, artist