Connecting to Artists with Skype | SchoolArts Magazine

Since 2014, the Sheboygan North High Art Department has been Skyping contemporary artists into the art room through a project called, the Midwest Artist Studios Project. One of the project’s goals was to provide a way for art teachers and students to interact with these MAS artists via Skype. Through this platform, artists and students had the opportunity to talk about the work they have created or in the process of creating. This exchange resulted in critiques, Q & A’s about each other’s work, or just the opportunity to talk ‘art shop’.

This Fall, Mr. Frank Juarez decided to make these Skype talks more formal through a program titled, “Skype Session Series”. Each month brings a new artist from anywhere in the U.S. into the art room to engage with art students in meaningful discussions, constructive criticism, and provide the opportunity for them to begin networking with artists who are doing what they are passionate about. These invited artists are paired with students who are working in the same medium and/or genre. The sessions are screened for the entire class to participate in this experience. 

This article is currently published in the April 2020 Issue of SchoolArts Magazine.

To view the SchoolArts Magazine April 2020 Issue, click here.

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