Professional Development for Students: Life after College, Alverno College

IMG_2033Today I presented on that last decade as an art educator, artist, and gallery owner to a fabulous group of Alverno art education, art therapy, and studio arts students. My presentation addressed the following: my experiences, personal projects, my inspiration, balancing everything that I do, advice to students after they graduate, and what employers look for. The event that I presented at is called A 100 Community Art Assessment. Also in attendance was MAS and guest artist, Jessica Anderson, who talked about her practice and her piece, Meditation Walking. An art activity followed the presentation inspired by Jessica’s work. 

Each semester a student developed assessment is provided for all art majors. This one day event is designed and facilitated by students. A group of art majors meets to explore ideas that would be beneficial to their learning.

Past mid-semester assessments have included guest lecturers from community arts organizations, visits to museums, research on women in the arts, hands on art activities such as storyboard and collaborative video, self portraiture through photography, and art media explorations in artist’s books, dance and installation art.

No matter what topic the student designers select, the assessment is designed to allow art majors to work together as a creative team, to encounter media and new ideas, subjects or concepts not offered in their classes.

A big thanks to Emma for doing such a great job walking me through the process and Dara for inviting me to be a part of such a rewarding experience. Top notch hospitality! Impressive group of students. 

The Planning Committee. Way to go!!!
The Planning Committee. Way to go!!!


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