Introducing SchoolArts Magazine 2016 Contributing Editors

I am happy to announce that I have joined SchoolArts Magazine as one of their contributing editors. SchoolArts is a national art education magazine committed to promoting excellence, advocacy, and professional support for educators in the visual arts.

I was introduced to this magazine via social media and I liked what I was seeing and reading. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this so I began writing articles on projects that I have been spearheading at Sheboygan North High School and submitting them for review. I finally became a published author in January of 2016 for an article I wrote titled, The Germ Project

In March of 2016 I met the SchoolArts Magazine crew and finally had the opportunity to chit chat with editor, Nancy Walkup, in Chicago during the National Art Education Association. It was then that I knew that I wanted to be a part of this publication somehow some way. What I have learned is that regardless of when an art educator is introduced to this SchoolArts Magazine it is what the art educator does with this resource. Thus far, it has made a difference in my own teaching practice as well as a great platform for showcasing some of the amazing things my art students are creating.

Having trouble reading the fine print, then click here to read the September 2016 issue. 




One thought on “Introducing SchoolArts Magazine 2016 Contributing Editors

  1. School Arts is an AWESOME and venerable magazine – I have vintage issues from 1964 that I actually use as reference! Way to go, Frank! Congratulations! 😀

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