Life after NAEA 2017 New York

Elyse Lucas, Appleton Career Academy art teacher, and I at NAEA2017 in New York

One thing I enjoy about attending the National Art Education Association’s annual convention is how I feel after I return back to Wisconsin. I feel motivated. I feel empowered. I feel rejuvenated. 

I am in awe by the dedication that these art educators put into their practice. Leaving with a diverse collection of notes, PowerPoints, photographs, etc has a long lasting impact on my profession and a great way to reflect on what I learned. Having the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with educators from across the country is so vital to better understand the situation we face today in art education. 

Time was spent attending sessions, co-presenting on the DIY Gallery: A Deeper Look into the 365 Artists 365 Days Project with Elyse Lucas, networking, and reconnecting. I have to admit, I was a bit tired. 

It is important that I take time to be amongst passionate, positive, and enthusiastic art educators. Their energies are definitely contagious. And, it makes me want to be a more effective educator. 

Here is a snapshot of what took place at NAEA 2017. 

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