‘365 Artists 365 Days Project’ connects students with artists across the globe

The 365 Artists 365 Days Project – created by WEAC Region 3 member Frank Juarez of Sheboygan North High School – highlights contemporary artists from across the globe through an online interview platform. Since its inception in 2014, it has introduced artists on a daily basis via online and social media. To date, the 365 Artists 365 Days Project has featured over 700+ artists working in various media, processes, and studio practices. Read more. 

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1 Comment

  1. Dear Frank,

    I love this project!

    I would also like to have a copy of your booklet, “Best Practices for Artists” can I buy one from you?

    I am also thinking about how we can help one another in the education field, but do not have an idea yet, though I am still thinking about it…

    Best wishes for the holidays,

    Brainard ————————


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