“The Role of the Traditional Gallery amid George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protests. America, What Now?”

On July 17th, 2020 the following 14 local and national arts professionals came together to record a discussion on “The Role of the Traditional Gallery amid George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protests. America, What Now?”

This video captures a panel discussion on the role of the traditional gallery in the world today as we address systemic issues of race and injustice in this country. The Alice Wilds is focused on promoting art and artists and we acknowledge the need to address these difficult topics and hope to stimulate constructive and sincere conversations for galleries, artists, and our patrons on what practicing anti-racism means in today’s society, and more specifically inside the art world.

This discussion was moderated by Tyanna Buie, artist and educator. Panelists & Contributors included the following gallery owners, curators, artists, and community arts advocates from Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, and New Mexico: Anais Duplan (Panelist), Jenie Gao (Panelist), Michelle Grabner (Panelist), Josh Hintz (Panelist), Frank Juarez (Panelist), Leah Kolb (Panelist), Lucy Mensah, PhD  (Panelist), Polly Morris, PhD (Panelist), Maureen Ragalie (Panelist), John Riepenhoff (Panelist), John Sobczak (Panelist), Kylee Aragon Wallis (Panelist), and Deb Brehmer (Contributor), Simone DeSousa (Contributor )

An extra special thank you to feather ( @feather_chiaverini )

The podcast version is available on the following platforms:

Exciting news! The Alice Wilds & Tyanna Buie-The Role of The Traditional Gallery-George Floyd-BLM-What Now?!, is now available on Overcast and Breaker

Video and podcast courtesy of The Alice Wilds and Tyanna Buie.

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