K12 Art Chat the podcast: Get Published – The Best Advocacy Tool Ever! with Nancy Walkup and Frank Juárez

Image courtesy of K12 Art Chat the podcast

On December 6, Nancy Walkup, SchoolArts Magazine Editor in Chief, and Frank Juárez, SchoolArts Magazine Contributing Editor and art educator, sat down virtually with Matt and Laura Grundler of K12 Art Chat the podcast to talk about the importance of getting published in SchoolArts Magazine. SchoolArts Magazine has been an integral part of our art program at Sheboygan North High School. What began with an a Clip Card in the March 2015 has turned into published articles to a couple of issues with my students’ art on the cover, co-editing three issues for SchoolArts Magazine to writing a foreword for the newest addition to SchoolArts Collection: Contemporary Art.

Here is a collection of articles written. Full articles are available and if you are an art educator interested in contributing to SchoolArts Magazine, feel free to contact Frank via the form below.

In about a 30-minute conversation we addressed the following questions.

What are the advantages of getting published?

How can getting published support and enhance your art program?

What is the process of submitting an article to SchoolArts?

If you do get an article published, how should you share it, and to who?

What other publications can you submit articles to?

What suggestions do you have for writing an article?

K12 Art Chat the podcast can be found on Spotify as well.

Thanks for having us, Matt & Laura Grundler.

Support for K12ArtChat comes from Davis Publications.  Lessons, curriculum, and resources for online, traditional, and hybrid art rooms in grades K through 12. Visit DavisArt.com for everything from fine art images and professional development, to a comprehensive curriculum and everything in between.

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