Join Us for the 11th Annual National Art Education Foundation Fundraising Benefit Event in NYC

In 2015, I received the Mary McMullan Grant, which supported a project that I facilitated called, “The Midwest Artist Studios Project“. This project connected Midwest contemporary artists with secondary art education with the primary focus being on literacy, contemporary art, and curriculum. This grant helped the project move forward. Seven years later, I am still using the lessons with my art students.

The National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) offers grants designed to meet the needs of K-16 art educators ranging from curriculum to professional development and educational/supportive materials/equipment to research.

This year we invite Natasha Schlesinger, founder of Artmuse and co-founder of Artmuse Collector and Space2 curate platforms. She will speak about her role as an art advisor, guide, curator and art tech entrepreneur in the contemporary art world.

Schlesinger will present her various projects and concepts, both past and current, from art curations to partnerships and her tech/nft ventures. She will discuss the role an independent art curator and advisor plays in the art world today for galleries, collectors as well as artists.

Onsite Registration Only

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