NAEF Silent Auction of Signed Shepard Fairey Prints Opens March 5, 2022 (Online)

Frank Juárez

Bid Here

opens March 5, 2022 and closes March 12, 2022

Beginning March 5th, The National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) will facilitate a Sheperd Fairey Print art auction. This is the silent auction of the Shepard Fairey prints, a collection of 8 works, including pieces from the We the People series, generously donated by the OBEY Studio and Nicholas Bowers, lead art assistant to Shepard Fairey, during a presentation of his work at a past NAEF event. The signed, Artist’s Proof prints will be auctioned to benefit the ongoing work of the foundation, which invests in innovative initiatives to support instructional practice, research, and leadership in visual arts education. This auction is in support of the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

As a past grant recipient and currently a board of directors of NAEF, I am fortunate to experience both sides of how NAEF is advancing the visual arts nationwide through grant funding.

I met Shepard Fairey in Milwaukee (October 2020) when he and his team were creating a mural in downtown Milwaukee. Briefly he mentioned that he keeps about 20 artist proofs per edition. Once these artist proofs are gone, the edition is no longer available.

Photo by Frank Juárez
Photo by Frank Juárez
Photo by Frank Juárez

NAEF was gifted a set of 8 artist proofs and now we are making them available to you to purchase.

Will you be joining in the exciting on bidding on one of 8 artist proofs? Or perhaps all eight???

Promo courtesy of NAEA/NAEF
Video courtesy of NAEA/NAEF

Bid Here

opens March 5, 2022 and closes March 12, 2022

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