Wisconsin Art Exhibition Postcards

Are postcards a thing of the past? Or are we still embracing this tangible and historical artifact?

These two questions prompted me to go through hundreds of postcards that I have collected for 15+ years and I was curious as to how many postcards I have from Wisconsin art galleries, arts centers, and art museums. All postcards have been sorted by state, but will be sharing only Wisconsin.

I originally began a post on Instagram, but due to the orientation of these postcards it made more sense to share them here.

This post marks the beginning of archiving these postcards.

MARN Mentor Exhibition, Hotcakes Gallery, and Elaine Erickson Gallery featuring Katherine Biehl, Stephanie Ballow, Brian Dunn, Lane Hall, Darryl Jensen, Brooke Maroldi, Niky Metsa, Mat Rappaport, Marla Sanvick, Cassandra Smith, Rina Yoon, Jason Yi, Caitlin Carroll, Lauren Janka, Chrys Laramie, Dara Larson, Kevin Miyazaki, Josie Osbourne, Nirmal Raja, Bob Smith, Fred Stonehouse, Richard Taylor, Chris Walker
7th Annual Open House Nut Factory (2011)
North by Northwest featuring Joseph Bolstad, Colin Dickson, Brett Henzig, Mayuko Kono, Bridget Quinn, Summer Said, Andy Sharlein, Paul Stoelting, Mali Voglund, Joseph Wagner, Dave Beck, Zak Bruder, Anna Campbell, Any Chaloupka, Melissa Cooke, Chele Isaac, Melanie Kehoss, James Poulos, Wes Ulfig, Diamond Ink Gallery (2006)
[un] finished featuring works by Beki Borman, Judy Dubrosky, Laura Gerzek, Adam Horwitx, Maureen M. Kane, Michael Kautzer, Tiffany Knopow, Mary Overman, Jessica Poor, Melissa Dorn, Sara Risley, Maggie Sasso, Jessica Z Schafer, Leah Schreiber, Anja Natanja SIeger, Becky Tesch, Dean Valadez, Serena Weit, EFFJAY PROJEKTS (2012)
Into the Flow: Josseline Castillo, Botanica Galactica (2019)
Imperfect Terrain: Carrie Hoelzer, Mercy Hill Gallery (2008)
I Contain Multitudes, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (2019)
Infinite Landscapes: Paintings by Todd Mrozinski & Nine Bednarski, Pop Up, A Pfister Pop Up Gallery 
My Pleasure: Sarah Rebekah & Byrd Mizer, greymatter
Pat Hidson: Drawn Musings & Paintings, Grace Chosy Gallery (2010)
Points of (dis)location: Carrie Hoelzer & Susan Retzer, Milwaukee Gay Arts Center (2007)
Bright Winter: The Art of Kim Weiss & Erin Palsey, Hot Pop
Art and Protest, Portrait Society Gallery (2020)
Paula Swaydan Grebel, Mr. Helsinki (2013)
MARNmentors – Exchange, Hotcakes Gallery (2006)
Printmaking: Works by Dorota Biczel, Bonnie de Arteaga, and Dara Larson, Barrow + Juarez Contemporary Art (2007)
Ash Paintings: Recent works by Charles Dwyer, CAGGIO (2010)
Things on Strings, Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (2011)
White: James Aarons, Sarah Budensick, Katherine Dube, Susan Dwyer, Kristin Haas, Brian Manci, Jeff Margolin, New Breed Furniture Network, and David Schaefer, Katie Gingrass Gallery (2011)
Inside/Outside: Shana McCaw + Brent Budsberg, Lynden Sculpture Garden Winter Carnival (2011)
“Fresh Coast”: Craig Grabhorn, Silver Lake College (2017)
Small Objects Art Show, The Racine Arts Council (2010)
C. Matthew Luther: Reactive – A Simulated Color, Greymatter Gallery 
Current Tendencies III: Artist from Milwaukee, Haggerty Museum of Art (2013)
Julia Barella: Wisteria and Tony Conrad: Paintings, Wriston Galleries, Lawrence University (2012)
Chris Miller, JW Lawson (2007)
Let Me Repeat Myself: Jamie Bertsch, Marna Brauner, Michelle Grabner, Cynthia Lorenz, Keely Phippen, Sara Willadsen, Gallery 224
Jason Rohlf: Navigational Aids, Tory Folliard Gallery (2013)
Design Intent with John Rieben, Baer Gallery, St. Norbert College (2013)
The Shape of Things to Come: Karin Haas, Harvey Opgenorth, Keith Nelson, galerie Kenilworth, UW-Milwaukee (2017)

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