2021 Wisconsin Art Education Association Fall Conference

On October 21, the Wisconsin Art Education Association hosted its annual fall conference at East Jr High School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The conference brought over 200 WAEA members from across the state to engage in professional development, networking, curriculum work, and to discuss topics that are currently at the forefront of K-16 art education such as ED & I, LGBTQ+, Covid, and teacher mental health.

Under the current circumstances, it was a well-attended conference full of energy, camaraderie, and re-connecting. In addition, visiting with vendors and to be inspired by this year’s keynote speakers, Nils Heymann Quesada and Daniel Bryant.

My proposal, “Designing A Post-Pandemic Artist-in-Residency Program”, was selected as one of presentations. I had the opportunity to share with educators on how the Sheboygan North High Artist-in-Residency Program has pivoted its program to operate in a hybrid model, how it is navigating through this new transition, and collecting data to revisit the program’s effectiveness. If you would like to see a copy of my presentation, complete the form below.

This conference always comes at the right time when our creatives spirits are running low and need that extra motivational push to return back to the classroom ready to inspire our future aspiring artists.

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