Workshop Descriptions

Professional Practices for Artists: Business of Art (Intensive Training)

Duration: 6 hours

Description: This is an intensive, full-day program designed engage participants in topics that provide guidance in the following areas: self-promotion, effective use of social media strategies, understanding the art market, strategic planning, and assessment. All aimed to guide the artist into creating a pathway to success.

There is a growing need to expose, educate, and engage artists like yourself into making your creative passion sustainable. The reality is that in order to achieve success we need to equip ourselves with the necessary skills to move our careers forward, to learn how to evaluate our progress, to establish realistic objectives, and to determine the best possible route to achieve our personal goals. 

6 Key Strategies to Effective Self-Promotion

Duration: 2 hours

Description: Success in today’s art world is dependent upon two practices; an active studio and a promotional plan. Artists learn how to design a plan to determine which strategy is best to communicate, to establish a presence, nurture relationships, maintain visibility, and to evaluate the process and make modifications for future implementations.

In this workshop, you will be introduce to six strategies designed to simplify your approach on self-promotion. 

Understanding your Art(ist) Market

Duration: 2 hours

Description: This workshop will guide you through the process of pricing your work. This will provide you the opportunity to take a honest look at your pricing history, trends, and how to adjust pricing accordingly. 

In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding on how education, exhibitions, publications, residencies, etc can impact pricing. 

Strategic Planning for Artists

Duration: 2 hours

Description: Effective time management skills is an essential part to maintain and monitor projects from its beginning to its completion. Designing a strategic plan to achieve obtainable and realistic career goals is a great way to paving your road to success. For most of us, we would rather create than to think about the business side of art. Truth of the matter is that in order to achieve any level of success it is important to think analytically.

In this workshop, you will participating in planning short-term and long-term goals focused on career goals. 

Navigating the Digital Marketplace

Duration: 2 hours

Description: When we think of the digital age, we often think about social media. We know what it looks like, but do we know how it works? Nowadays, it is difficult to not share what we are doing inside our studio, works in progress, attending an art event, or an exhibition we are participating in. One way to effectively use social media besides posting images or videos is to have conversations with those that are engaging with you online. This is a great way to social network and to connect with others in your own [art] community and even from across the globe.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the In’s and Out’s of using social media. We look at data, reflect on our own business of art practices, and modify our online activities to gain favorable results. 

Assessment for Artists

Duration: 2 hours

Description: How do you know if what you are applying to your studio practice is working? Often times we try to put a lot of energy and time into something that does not bring favorable results because we are determined to make it work. The reality is that artists’ approaches are differentiated based on their need and comfort level in order to find success. 

In this workshop, we take a deep dive into our current practices to determine what is working and what needs to be improved or removed. 


How to Approach a Galleries & Portfolio Review 

Duration: 2 hours

Description: This is workshop is for artists who have a body of work that is ready to be exhibited in a professional setting and would like gain insight on how to approach a gallery.  It includes a 25-minute one-on-one review of their portfolio. 

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