January 2016 Issue of the Business of Art

On December 31, 2015 I closed my gallery to pursue other interests like getting back into the studio to make art. So far, things are moving slow, but steady. A huge improvement from the past few years. Another interest of mine is to write and read more than what I have been doing. I enjoy writing about my experiences in hopes that it will inspire, challenge, and encourage others to take their careers in their own hands and really push their boundaries. 

I have always enjoyed documenting and collecting ‘things’ such as gallery exhibition post cards, articles, photographs, art, and books. Whether I get an idea, hear, or see something that captures my interest I write it down and then reflect later. This has provided me with a way to share about topics that are of interest to me such as the Business of Art. 

Every month I plan on releasing information on the business side of art.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.03.53 PM

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy putting it together for you. If you happen to use some of the information from my January 2016 issue I would love to hear about it. 

Click here to download the January 2016 issue of Frank Juarez Business of Art (PDF).

Writings and photographs by Frank Juarez. 


I have over a decade of experience working in fields such as art education, arts management, business, and photography. In addition, I work with a talented group of artists, graphic designers, and educators.

If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me below.

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