Authentic Obsessions Interviews Frank Juarez

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Frank Juárez brings decades of art education and arts management experience organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through grant programs, and offering professional development workshops. Frank is in the forefront of promoting Wisconsin artists, as well as attracting regional, national, and international artists to collaborate and exhibit in Wisconsin. Frank’s projects include Artdose Magazine, Artdose artist talks, “365 Artists 365 Days,” and the Indian Green group exhibition. Frank is the art department chair at Sheboygan North High School, and continues to photograph road trips and daily moments.

photo credit: Jon Erlien

NOW available: Authentic Obsessions Podcast X Artdose Magazine

Announcement: Artdose Magazine has partnered with Authentic Obsessions Podcast for this highly anticipated exhibition. Podcaster and artist Margret Petrie will be interviewing all featured artists as well as Frank Juarez. Below is a list of the scheduled episodes. To access a specific podcast, simply click on Take a listen next under the name of the artist/curator.

July 6 – Frank Juarez, curator

July 9 – Kassandra Palmer, artist

July 13 – Nicole Shaver, artist

July 16 – Chelsea Littman, artist

July 20 – Emma Freeman, artist

July 23 – Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter, artist

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