2020 Annual Art Exhibition and State Day Conference

The Wisconsin Regional Art Program is looking forward to the 2020 State Day Conference! Even though it will be held online this year, people can still connect and engage with Wisconsin arts through the online exhibition, ceremonies, demonstrations, keynote speaker presentation, and networking spaces. Conference 2020 dates are Friday, September 18 through Sunday, September 20.

The demonstrations and panel talks are open to any artist to register for and attend. This is a great opportunity for Wisconsin artists, WRAP artists, art instructors, art students or anyone who wants to learn more about particular art techniques or talks. Because it is online artists from outside of WI can certainly sign up to participate as well.

Frank Juarez will be participating in this state conference as a presenter. He will be presenting on 
Friday, September 18, 6  to 7:30 p.m. Artist and educator Frank Juarez brings nineteen years of art education and arts management experience organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, and professional development workshops. Frank’s workshop will cover the basics of self-promotion, effective use of social media, balancing studio time with business of art practices, and other methods to encourage artists. Registration is $10. 

Visit https://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/wisconsin-regional-art-program/wrap-conference/?utm_source=golink&utm_medium=print to register. 

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